TimeByRaf Cartier Santos Galbée Rotation Inversée Limited Edition

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Illuswatch X TimeByRaf

The first release of the brand new "Collector Series"
TimeByRafs' very own piece unique Cartier Santos Galbée Rotation Inversée
Here in a Limited Edition of 30 pieces
The art was created in close collaboration with the collector and many small details are implemented to bring the feeling on the collectors wrist to your wall.

What is the "Collector Series"?

Scrolling through IG made me see all those wonderful watches, passionate collectors and great communities. This got me thinking on how could I, through my art, bring this connection to the next level.
Therefore the idea was born to collaborate with different watch collectors and building the bridge between the collectors and their audience as well as making them aware of watch related art. I always say, a nice watch illustration is the next best thing after the actual watch.


  • Printed on the collector & artist chosen premium quality metallic paper 260gsm

Paper characteristics:
It provides a great tonal range, wide colour gamut and a high D-max rating which works well with watches that have vibrant colours.
The high gloss surface produces incredible detail and clarity, delivering stunning resolution and high visual impact with an incredible metallic glossy appearance.
It is perfect to go with the metallic surface of watches.

  • Frame is not included

  • Around 0.5cm of white boarder will be included in the print for handling

  • Each print is digitally signed

  • The print will be delivered safely in a durable shipping tube

  • If you require a different size other than provided, please email me at illuswatch@gmail.com


  • When the print arrives, it needs to be handled by professionals for framing

  • Avoid touching the surface of the print and always wear gloves when handling the print directly

  • Make sure the material used for framing is acid-free to ensure that the print will not deteriorate over time